Listing on nTLD.Bid is simple! You may list domains registered at any registrar. However, in order to complete a sale here, you must transfer the domain to nTLD.Bid first! This is because we use our integrated registrar escrow-system to protect both buyers & sellers.

Once you register at nTLD.Bid, you’ll see a new menu. Simply clickAuction Dashboard‘, and you’ll be taken to your…auction dashboard!

If you were to scroll down, you see many more statistics!

Find the sidebar and click ‘Domains > Add New‘. This will bring you to the auction listing section. You must enter a domain to auction, then choose the extension, a starting bid, and an end date. Besides this, you must enter your domains expiration date. You also may choose to automatically relist your domains – and that’s it! It’s really just that simple!

Not much required: easy!

The UI is simple. There is a few more features, but you get the idea… Once you submit the auction, it will be listed on the front-page automatically!

You might share your auctions to ask your friends to come bid on your domains!

If you are a bidder, each auction updates second-by-second, checking for new bids. If you get outbid, you’ll see the auction flash red and update in real-time!

If a bid is placed during the last minutes of an auction, the auction is automatically extended by 1 minute. You can’t get sniped, but you won’t be sitting around for hours engaged in a bidding war neither.

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