Credits (₵)

Credits (₵) may be purchased instantly from the sidebar, to be used exclusively for all domain registration / renewals, as well as transfers and auction bidding! ₵ remains in the nTLD.Bid ecosystem, only removed when a user cashes out.

Credits (₵)
Each user has their own wallet which stores ₵ securely. The closed system of aged, verified credits means you are protected from charge-backs – nTLD.Bid assumes all charge-back risk upon granting credit purchases.
Credits (₵)

Credits may be sold back to nTLD.Bid for cash – $USD via PayPal at a fixed 5% fee, which covers site operating and transaction costs.

Besides the purchasing and sell-back of credits, there are no fees on nTLD.Bid. You list for free, commission free, forever. This allows us to flip domains indefinitely for nothing during the interim.

We grow & refine our portfolios while paying industry-low renewal fees!

Maintain and improve your portfolio at nTLD.Bid!

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